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Why use Standard Digitization?

Yes! You can digitize it and make it last forever and ever. Don’t let your memories be the collection of dust and dirt. Send it to us, and we will give it the treatment it deserves.  

In respect to our excellent transfer services, we also provide affordable CD and DVD duplication services in Long Island, NY.

Give us a quick call to make the best out of our discounts available in our services. With each transfer you will also receive an additional DVD copy for free!

Give your memories a reason to live. Digitize it now!

Why Al-Art Transfer and Duplication?

  • Our 20 years of experience lets our skill do the talking
  • We cover all kinds of formats that include VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, HI8, Beta, MiniDV, Umatic, 16mm, Super 8 and many more.
  • Quality assurance guaranteed. We will do it for free if you are not satisfied.
  • Manual approach for most of our transfer tasks
  • Integrated tracking system
  • We are complete in-house company. So all of the tasks are performed within our store at Lynbrook,NY

Back in the days (30’s to 70’s), we witnessed various innovations. Old home movie film, VHS, camcorder tapes, all were part of this historic achievement. However, as time progressed its durability & functionality raised a question mark. We salute the creativity involved in producing these awesome products, but you have to admit its lifespan is almost over.  Who can carry an old VCR, Walkman, or Projector everywhere, if they have to display or listen to some historic events of their past? Seriously, I won’t and I’m pretty sure most of us will have the same opinion as mine.  Modern day technology calls for DVD’s and it’s a premier source for watching movies today. Odds are you will end up having at least one DVD player per home. So why not change the access of your old formats to DVD? Sounds good? Indeed it is.   Moreover, natural aging leads these old products to quick breakage. How would you save your memories from fading away? You can convert your old stocks to DVD, and make it last for decades.

DVD Duplication Service - Back to top- click here

DVD duplication in Long Island, NYis the service extension we take pride in.. Our complete list of versatile approach, packaging options, & DVD printing separates us from our competitors. What more? We are one of the most respected DVD makers of Long Island, NY when it comes to short run DVD manufacturing.

We can duplicate as many DVD’s as you would like. Give us the number and receive the final product. Al-Art Video is your Go-to-Shop to explore the best duplication services in budget friendly rates. Call (516) 256-0679 to discuss your duplication needs.

As a microboards authorized dealer, we also sell video duplicators and supplies. Call for details.

Searching for a DVD duplication company in Long Island, NY that gives you custom DVDs in quick time? Well, Al-Art Video is where your search ends. Every day, our in-house technicians duplicate hundreds of DVD’s to complement our customers’ demands. Our state-of-art in the grounds of disc making, labeling, and packing is one of the best you will find in New York.
Although this era is all about online streaming, DVD duplication is still a major source of fund collection for marketing firms, consumer product companies and film makers.
You can share your never-die-memories like photos and videos with future generations to come.
Preserve your official and personal documents like presentations, PDFs & reports to gain visibility in your next meeting.

No messing around with the quality. Use of best quality DVDs and recording done in DVD-R format.
Packaging options from custom printing to custom packaging available.
All duplication performed at our Lynbrook, Long Island location. Your work will never leave our facility.
Over 10000 satisfied customers.
Order from 1 to 1000 DVDs.

Video Tape Transfer- Back to top- click here

Al-Art videotape to DVD transfer service is our most demanding service request. We can transfer your outdated videotapes of all formats to premium quality DVD’s. Whether it’s VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, HI8 or Beta, you name it; we can digitize every format.
Got a bundle of old videotapes that you believe have travelled the tenure of your Grandpa’s childhood? They are the premier hub of your beautiful moments, right? However, what is the use of those memories, when they are of no use? This is where Al Art has to barge in. Don’t worry; Al Art is a master on preserving your valuable memories!

The cost to transfer any video cassette is just $12.99 upto 2 hours including a free copy. That's less than $7 per DVD.

Digitize your outdated tapes into latest format
and relieve its memories with generations to come.

Our Transfer and Duplication Services include:

Videotape Transfer
Film Transfer
Audio Transfer
Photo Transfer
DVD Duplication

Our Transfer and Duplication Services include:

Videotape Transfer
Film Transfer
Audio Transfer
Photo Transfer
DVD Duplication

After we receive your videotapes, we inspect it manually for any cracks or damages. If there are any imperfections, we do our best to repair it.

All video footages are simultaneously processed and converted through our pro equipped video decks.

The digitized videos are transferred onto DVD-R format using only the highest quality DVD’s.

Now you can share your digital videos with your family and friends. Enjoy the glory of memories!

File Transfer NY- Back to top- click here

At Al-Art, we convert and transfer films of various formats like 8mm, Super 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm into preeminent quality DVD’s. Our intelligent System uses specialized software to ensure smooth playback with no flickers at all!

Each time a film is processed; it is closely monitored and controlled by an experienced technician. Don’t worry; your movie is in safe hands!

The cost for 8mm and Super 8mm is just .12 per foot. The cost for 16mm is just .16 per foot. An additional $20 DVD charge is added, but this includes an additional free copy and free background music.(A minimum of 400ft is required or charged)

Our Film Transfer in Long Island, NY – How we work?

Prior to transfer, we thoroughly inspect the films for any broken sprockets or damages. We will repair it at no additional cost.
We use frame-by-frame method to capture every individual film.
To avoid the scare of your film blowing out, we use effective LED that protects it during capture process.
We also clean and lubricate your film to make the movies brighter and spotless.
Long have gone the days, when film reels were the ultimate kings of home video recording system. Not only they have gone out of date, but also you will hardly see a home having a projector to play them. So what about your historical memories recorded on reel to reel film? Fortunately, Al-Art can save your day with its efficient Film Transfer in Long Island, NY.
Guide to Film Reels

3 inch reel = 50 feet
4 inch reel = 100 feet
5 inch reel = 200 feet
6 inch reel = 300 feet
7 inch reel = 400 feet

Audio Cassette/Phono Record to CD Transfer Service

Convert those old audio cassettes & Phono records to CD for only $10 per side. Also, we throw in an additional copy- FREE OF CHARGE.

Ask for more? Guess what? With our conversion service, you will receive a CD with track marker on it. That means you can jump to your favorite songs without having to face the problem of rewinding and fast forwarding.

 audio casset to cd
End of a Technological Era
1980’s saw the era of most innovative creation in the technological history – “Walkman.” The portable deck aka walkman utilized an audio cassette to play music was a sensational hit. However, in the world of progressive inventions, nothing is meant to last for long. Walkman had to face the same faith. Gradually it was bye-bye time for dear old walkman!

Having to look at the bundles of old audio cassettes you kept on the shelf can be a pain in the neck. The problem is neither you can throw them nor listen to them. Want to get rid of this problem? It’s time to hit digital mastering mode.
Now you must be thinking about the audio cassettes that were used in walkman? Well, it was replaced by CDs and internet stuffs. Though internet is the big brother of this music era, it can’t surpass the memories you are holding so dearly on those cassettes. If you want to reload your past, converting cassettes and Phono Records to CD is the best option.
Why Our Audio Cassette/Phono Record Transfer Service:

Over 20 years of experience on digital recording and encoding
Cassette manual inspection and clean up prior to conversion
Every cassette is taken frame by frame. Strict “NO” for audio cassettes mash up
Digital dubbing that guarantees a masterpiece

Photo & Slide Digitizing Service- Back to top- click here

Al-Art Photo & Slide Digitizing Service is all about setting colorful dimension to your dead old memories. We scan and transfer your photos to high premium DVD’s, so that you can preserve it forever. Our photo & Slide digitizing service covers all kinds of photos like damaged photos, slides, prints, and negatives. Our in-house photo scanning service is the most advanced method optimizing manual approach to assure the best photo quality.

We can turn your presentation into JEPG files or playable DVD. The choice is yours. Call Al-Art Video at (516) 256-0679 for the best pricing and to discuss your project.

Why digitize your aging photos?

Just like everything else, photographs also do not last forever. As time progresses, photos tend to erode, resulting in the loss of color, brightness, and sharpness. Eventually, what do we do with them? Ah, Yes! They become historical icon of your old closets and containers (hardly opened).

Don’t let your memories fade away so easily. Merge them with the present technology and cherish the moment of glory.

Why is DVD the primary choice? You just have to get along with the current technology. You can’t pedal back to the 70’s, right? With DVD’s, you can store your memories for an eternity. They last for decades and easily stand break-down effects of time. Moreover, odds are that every house has a computer or a DVD player to support the DVD’s. That is why DVD’s are the preferred choice for saving your photos.

Call us at: (516) 256-0679. If you have any queries regarding our services, our customer service is always open.
Photos are the tiny building blocks of your houseful memories. Just in a single frame, they hold a part of your generation’s information. Don’t make it a hunting playground of rats. Buckle up & wipe off the dirt from your old photos. It’s time to go digital!
We take every photo one at a time. Photos are gently cleaned by airbrushing any dust particles on the surface.
Photos are scanned using our advanced equipments
We will safely transfer your digitized images to DVD’s.
Finally, you will receive your old photos along with digitized photos stored in DVD’s. Enjoy the moments.
Why our Photo & Slide Digitizing Service?

Strict “NO” to auto feeders. Photo digitizing service is performed manually by our experienced technicians.
We use top –line tools and upgraded technology that ensures high quality photographs.
Over 20 years of experience in the field.
Our charging rates are way less than our competitors.
Our Photo & Slide Digitizing Process

Old and Damaged Photos
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