Camera Repair

Camera and Electronics Repair Long Island, NY

Electronics repair in Long Island, NY is another masterful stroke of Al-Art Video Store. With over 2 decades of experience in repairing electronics, we know what needs to be done to make your devices work again. 
When it comes to our extensive array of electronics testing & diagnostic tools, there is hardly any repair shop that matches the caliber of Al- Art. We can fix any electronic products in the given day. If we have to name a few; cameras, projectors, amplifiers and AV equipment would be the most demanding ones. 
At Al-Art, we believe building relationship is all about keeping up with the promises. So there won’t be any fake pinky swears with us. From small repairs to big ones, we give a thumbs-up guarantee on our services. If our service doesn’t meet your expectation, we will repair your device until you are satisfied for free.
Have any queries about our services? 
Feel free to call us at (516) 256-0679 to get an immediate quote. 
Why our Repair Service is the Best?
Instant turnaround for most of the repairs.
Can’t fix it? We say direct No in such circumstances.
20 years of experience is something you can bet on.
Highly skilled manpower with skill and art to rectify any electronic problems.
Build relationship rather than wooing cash from the customers.
Either you are satisfied, or we provide service until you are satisfied.
Our Electronic Repair Service in Long Island, NY Offers:
Cameras Repair   Projectors Repair   Amplifiers Repair
AV Equipments Repair   Flat Panel TV Repair   Camcorders Repair
Fitness Equipment   Expresso Computer Repair
Computers Repair   Broadcasting Equipments Repair
Home Theater Systems Repair  Lightings Repair
MP3 Players Repair
And many more… .
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